APRA Canada 2016 – Educational, Inspiring….& Fun!!

It’s difficult to believe but it has already been three weeks since we were at the 2016 APRA Canada Conference in Toronto! For those who didn’t get a chance to attend the 2016 conference I hope you will keep it in mind for 2018. The theme of this conference was the celebration of APRA Canada’s 15th Anniversary and the launch of Prospect Research in Canada.  It was exciting to look back on how far this chapter has come!

There was something for everyone at the conference.  Sessions were geared to everyone from beginning researchers to advanced researchers on topics from data mining to prospect management, from foundations to competitive intelligence and much more!  We also heard from three inspiring keynotes:

  • Helen Brown, Founder & President of the Helen Brown Group who discussed how far prospect research has come and emerging trends;
  • Susan Horvath, President & CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum Governors who stressed the importance of prospect research (why she wants to be a prospect researcher when she grows up); and
  • Fraser Green, Chief Strategist & Smartypants from Good Works, who discussed the donor brain and what is important to the donor.

Along with the sessions and keynotes there was also a panel of experts, a morning of round table discussions, a brief board report, and board dinners (I’m sure I’m forgetting something!). Most importantly, the conference is a great way to connect with other researchers across the country.  Especially in provinces such as Manitoba (where there are very few of us!!) it is great to meet up and discuss the field.

Now it’s time to drink some coffee from my APRA Canada mug and go back to some prospect research.  I look forward to seeing you all in 2018!!