A Few of My Favourite Things (AKA Free Canadian Prospect Research Resources) – Part 1

I started my prospect research career in a small shop as the first prospect researcher the organization hired.  In that role I implemented the organization’s prospect research program using mainly free resources as we had a very small budget.  Having a small budget meant spending time and using creativity to find free prospect research sources Read more about A Few of My Favourite Things (AKA Free Canadian Prospect Research Resources) – Part 1[…]

Why Should Fundraisers Media Monitor?

Media monitoring is one way for organizations with a fundraising department to learn about their constituents.  Information to be learned from media monitoring includes: Who has joined a Board Who has opened a new business Whose business is in the news Who has received an award (e.g. Order of Canada or Order of Manitoba) Who Read more about Why Should Fundraisers Media Monitor?[…]

Giving Back With the Home for Dinner Program

This past Saturday myself and three other ladies in my family volunteered to cook dinner for the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Manitoba Home for Dinner program.  Thanks to all of the staff we dealt with – from signing up for the program to receiving a tour of all of the facilities, it was a wonderful Read more about Giving Back With the Home for Dinner Program[…]

Stock Options Explained

Compensation for the highly paid executives in public companies often includes the base salary, bonus, all other compensation, share based awards, option based awards and pension value.  One of the most mysterious components of that compensation is the stock options.   What are stock options and how do we determine their value? Stock options are benefits Read more about Stock Options Explained[…]