Wrapping Up Summer 2016

Well today is August 31.  Labour Day weekend is fast approaching along with back to school, children’s activities, committee meetings and more.  It has been a fun summer – there’s been camping, visits to the beach and zoo, must-sees in Manitoba such as Folklorama and Tinkertown, and many afternoons enjoying our backyard.

But there are numerous items on my mental “to do” list for this summer that haven’t been completed – painting one daughter’s bedroom, organizing the basement, and keeping most of my flowers alive.  And let’s not even mention Eclipse related items – like writing a blog post for example.  I’m sure that in households and offices across the country it’s the same story – there were many things we did accomplish this summer yet many on the “to do” list that we didn’t quite get to.

As fundraising departments around the country return to their normal routine next week it is time to focus on what we did accomplish. Many successful fundraising events took place over the summer and many campaigns continued on despite the beautiful weather and vacation schedules. And Canada Post has reached a tentative agreement which I’m sure has made everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief.  There is always September for the items we didn’t get to.  After all fall is the time for making plans and starting fresh…and for everything pumpkin spice.

PS – One thing that shouldn’t wait until September is signing up for the 2016 APRA Canada Conference – early bird registration ends tonight!  Conference details can be found here.